So i made this page thing, to make me feel much better, and maybe that will help me with life, and yes it does makes me feel better every time i finish writing up in here, even tho i get depressed, and i won’t to be alone like forever sometime’s, all i have is this computer and this blog thing, i will always write on and on by time, and i love it cause i could write about anything i won’t, an say anything i won’t, so that’s a good thing because i’m mostly the quite person in the room sometimes, an am basically waiting for the world to take my life away, i mean what ever life throws at me, an all i can say, is just deal with it, because life is life, what helps me get though life, is thinking about other people, will i could say that i hate life an have the worst parent’s ever and on and on, but no because someone out there is having it worst then i do, so that’s why i don’t complain, life is life, it’s rough, it’s wired, it’s confusing, and massy sometimes, and that’s OK, we all feel worthless and sick of everything, we all feel someway sometime’s, will i deal with depression and stuff like that, but that’s ok, where all humans, where not perfect, everyone has a purpose in this world, i don’t know why i wrote about this but i did, just kept on typing on and on, and so here it is, peace 🙂


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