Why I’m Homeschooled

 This whole weekends been so annoying plus this heat, i mean it’s vegas what else do you expect, been doing some school work, and yes I’m homeschooled at connections academy really good school love it, i use to go to public school at canyon springs really good school but didn’t really liked it, i stared my first high school year there, i stared in the half school year, so everyone new each other, uhhh so yup i was bullied because i was the new kid, so some girls were bitc**  to me and i didn’t have any friends thats sad lol, i would sometimes walk out of class, and walk home, event tho i lived 3 miles away, i was also really behind in math, and a lot of class, and i hated myself for that, so that’s why i got home school, there were more problems then that, but i think this is a good part of the story anyway, but homeschool is more harder then public schools, more work, and more responsibility, not that easy, but you do learn a lot, plus it’s free so it’s good, and i love it thank god :)))




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