First blog post

Hey guys thanks for stoping by! I'm a 16 year old girl, who decided to make this page,Why not, I mean apparently, i don't have a life, well that's my older sister opinion, I mean what else can a 16 year old do, it's really heard to get a job, mostly no one, will hirer... Continue Reading →

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i can’t — daydreamers nightmares

i should be asleep, but i can’t sleep cuss i have really bad nightmares, i hate it, its so bad that i wake up crying with a panic attack, am just weird it out, confused, just speechless, am kinda scared to sleep to be honest, there was this dream i had recently, were i was […]... Continue Reading →

Many say”…..

Many say'' don't speak if you don't have anything nice to say"' "will that's is just an opinion of many people i've heard" God gave you a mouth speak up even if your voice stutters, every voice" matters live life as the fullest you only live ones, life is weird enjoy it think of tomorrow"waking... Continue Reading →

A bit out

Hey its me back on here  am kinda drunk but it's okay cuss I could still type right so...its cool...hope all y'all wonderful lovely people had a lovely day time...all I won't to say is to be a nice human..just be nice ,for those of you having a bad time remember y'all are all beautiful... Continue Reading →


So i made this page thing, to make me feel much better, and maybe that will help me with life, and yes it does makes me feel better every time i finish writing up in here, even tho i get depressed, and i won't to be alone like forever sometime's, all i have is this... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Homeschooled

 This whole weekends been so annoying plus this heat, i mean it's vegas what else do you expect, been doing some school work, and yes I'm homeschooled at connections academy really good school love it, i use to go to public school at canyon springs really good school but didn't really liked it, i stared... Continue Reading →

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